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518 East Main Street • P.O. Box 522 • Spartanburg, South Carolina 29304
Phone: (864)583-2959 • Fax: (864)583-1309
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Our advertising/marketing/public relations services inlude complete coordination, planning, copywriting, design, production and placement of:

  •Video Production
  •Multi-Media Presentations
  •Photography Coordination
  (Local & Stock;
  Commercial & Fashion)
  •Campaign Development
  •Original Music (Jingles & Scores)
  •Specialty Promotion Items
  •Marketing & Growth Planning
  •Event Planning Coordination
  •Strategic Research
  •Magazine (Trade & Local)
  •Brochures & Flyers
  •Direct Mail
  •Annual Reports
  •Package Design
  •Outdoor (Billboard & Transit)
  •Corporate Identity (Logos &
  •Interactive Media & Publishing
  •Web Page Design
  •Political Campaigns
  •Graphic Design
  •Posters & Exhibits


• The American Advertising Federation
The Advertising Federation of Spartanburg
• The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce
• Dunn & Bradstreet


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